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T e l e c o m   W e s t   I n c.

Telecom West Inc. (TWI) is a Canadian company located in the Vancouver area in British Columbia.

Since 1986, the firm has been providing telemanagement, data management and consulting services to over 100 corporate and government offices in BC, Alberta, Ontario and the USA.

Our services consistently receive the highest rating and praise for customer satisfaction.

We have won and maintained many contracts because our clients have discovered that we think and perform differently. We believe that by applying our energies to a selective and manageable focus, we can perform at a higher and much more meaningful level. Together with the commitment of the firm, we make Personal Performance Commitments to our clients freeing them to apply their resources to important core business needs.

From the very beginning
our strength and growth has been based on:

Top Level of Customer Service
Our pride is our professional, friendly, prompt and accurate customer service.
Providing Best Possible Value
To save time, effort and money to our clients is our prominent goal. We concentrate on good understanding of our client's needs. Customers can focus on the "big picture", we take care of the time consuming details.
Expertise & Experience
Key members of our team have been providing their expertise to the telecom industry since the days, when the rotary phone was the "executive set". Combined with the latest industry information, to which we are exposed on daily basis, continuos education, research and development of leading technologies, TWI is a strong and very knowledgeable ally on your site.
Our firm has developed a prominent telecom, data management and business intelligence (software and hardware) platform. This hi-tech solution enables us to respond very quickly and precisely to all client requirements and effectively assist in managing, monitoring and protecting their infrastructure and resources.
Security & Confidentiality
We assign top priority to security and confidentiality of all client's data and information.

Beyond the Telecom Borders
Our clients gain considerable benefits in many areas of their business
  • Reducing infrastructure and administrative commitments;
  • Optimizing existing equipment;
  • Lowering operating costs;
  • Providing an independent, objective, technical and managerial resource;
  • Ensuring that things get done in a timely and efficient manner;
We deliver these benefits by:
  • Providing a high level of telecom and computer technology;
  • Implementing monitoring, diagnostic and correction systems;
  • Supplying decision-making tools (reports, studies, analysis) via modern means of delivery;
  • Setting up automation and streamlined processes;
  • Establishing integration and compatibility;
  • Offering productivity and efficiency improvements in the telecom and related areas;

With our data management expertise, Telecom West provides solutions in areas of:

  • data acquisition (local or remote)
  • data warehousing
  • data conversion and integration
  • databases
  • reporting systems
  • business intelligence software
  • automation
  • equipment and resource administration
  • monitoring
  • other technologies

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