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Data Administration

Resources/Utilities Management

  • telecom managed services
  • business intelligence
  • voice solutions
  • data solutions
  • data acquisition
  • automation
  • managed infrastructure
  • managed admin. tasks
  • consulting
  • telemanagement
  • call accounting
  • billing consolidation
  • charge back
  • real time call monitoring
  • instant reporting
  • toll fraud watch
  • trunk & DN watch
  • call center support


Short List of Services

Telecom West
Composite Managed Services
  • Optimizing infrastructures and reducing costs
  • Providing independent and objective technical resources
  • Providing a high level of telecom and computer technology
  • Implementing monitoring, diagnostic and correction systems
  • Creating access to data and decision-making reports via the Internet
  • Setting up automation and streamlined processes
  • Establishing integration and compatibility of customers' and all providers' information and data with internal information and management systems
  • Data distribution, delivery and reporting
  • Offering productivity and efficiency improvements in the telecom and related areas, such as CDP (Coordinated Dialing Plan), internal directories and inventory systems
  • CDR services
  • Call Accounting
  • Consolidated billing
  • Inventory audits, billing reconciliation
  • Security and monitoring
  • Other

Telecommunications Managed Services
Fact Finding / Needs Analysis Process
Conducting Needs Analysis Studies
Providing Functionality Reviews
Conducting User Interviews / Prepare Surveys
Conducting Equipment Audits
Assessing Equipment Room / Infrastructure Needs
Prepare Systems / Network Specifications
Analyzing Call Flow / Traffic Management Reporting
Performing Financial and ROI Analyses
Identifying Risks Associated with Alternatives
Findings and Recommendations Process
Documenting Findings / Prioritize Recommendations
Reviewing / Fine-Tune Recommendations
Preparing Written / Verbal Reports for Management
Conducting / Attend Senior Level Presentations
Assisting with Decision Making
Specification Process
Conducting RFP Research / Prepare Documentation
Analyzing Bids / Apply Weighting
Making Vendor Recommendations
Preparing / Negotiate Contracts
Preparing Written Reports / Review with Management
Conducting / attend Senior Level Presentations
Implementation Process
Organizing Team Meetings // Leadership Role
Coordinating Event Timing / Many Vendors
Organizing / Controlling of Critical Planning Schedule
Cost Control / Troubleshooting / Escalation Procedures
Tracking the Implementation Process / Progress
Administrating change-orders and other paperwork

Support & Performance
  • Strong support services ensuring minimal disruptions with quickest response to emergency conditions and normal daily needs
  • Highly automated processes (some via the Internet) monitoring routines, systems performance, service support and corrective actions
  • On-call dedicated, skilled team support
  • Confidential access to reports via the Internet
  • Near immediate fault detection
  • Immediate response for corrections
  • Minimize need for on-site technical resources
  • Consistent delivery of support service
  • Minimal 'overhead' costs
  • Maximum up-time
  • Highest-level service in partnership with other industry specialists
Knowledge and Education
  • Increased awareness of technology, trends, and cost issues
  • Knowledgeable and informed advice on upgrades and ever greening
  • Consistent and quick access to study results information and knowledge needed to make timely economic and technology decisions
  • One-stop shopping
  • Best of breed suppliers at least cost
  • Availability of a skilled and knowledgeable team, performing as an extension of your organization
  • Immediate access to seasoned managers
  • Planning, organizing and controlling

Communication facilities are the "lifelines" of the enterprise and likely a most taxing expenditure. Telecom West provides their customers with the tools and reports that make it easy to administer, keep fully operational and protect these facilities.
How do I know if…

Managing the operation and costs of communication network is a difficult task. On many occasions, the managers ask, "How do I know if" …

  • All my ports are being fully utilized?
  • All trunk lines are functional?
  • Trunk capacity is not becoming a problem?
  • Hackers are trying to get into the system?
  • Individuals are abusing the system?
  • Toll charges are legitimate?
  • Callers can reach us?

These questions are not an issue to Telecom West clients, as they actually have the answers on hand. Our periodical reports (daily, weekly, monthly or as required) or life/real time reports (over the Internet) provide a fast and clear picture on the most current status of their telecom resources and associated costs.

Expert Help Pays for Itself
  • Improve telephone service to the public (callers)
  • Reduce and control telephone expense
  • Increase systems productivity
  • Optimize bottom-line performance
  • Provide processes that are not available internally
  • Free you from daily routines (lets you focus on the big picture)
  • Provide objective data and analysis needed to consider viable options
  • Maximize the value of your telecom investment
  • Minimize demands on technical and human resource
Reporting Strategy

There are virtually hundreds of different reports in our portfolio. On a daily basis, we design and provide our customers with reports, statistics and studies that are based on their immediate requirements.

Naturally, we have a range of typical reports that follow the standard prerequisites.
Every system has its specifics, however, as each organization has unique requirements. We always study these requirements and base our service on understanding them. Very quickly then, we are able to establish an affective, meaningful, custom tailored reporting strategy that will fit and assist a manager of just about any telecom structure.

We Do All the Work You Need

Not only IT managers value our service We can, for example, save shifts of work to the accounting department.

We combine the client's phone bill with the CDR (Call Detail Recording) data, check prices, calculate all corporate and departmental fees, charge backs, taxes and other ciphers and send the results straight to the company General Ledger. The accountant can just reconcile.

This exceptional service supersedes the need for in-house systems, replacing the expense of capital investment in hardware and software with a very low monthly processing fee.

Demands on further technical and human resources are eliminated. In addition, we save your existing staff hours of tedious work. Your company can focus on the big picture, we take care of all the details.


Our goal is to make your life easy and your work fun. If there is a procedure in your office, department or entire company, that must be repeated every day or month and takes a lot of your time, let us look at it. We may be able to arrange it so that you just click a button and go for a cup of coffee. When you get back, your work is done.

Data Administration

If you have to deal with quantities of data, (remote or local) data outputs, (such as activity records, measurements, data entries and dumps, quotes, reports, archives) we will:

  • collect it for you - regardless of it's source or format *
  • format/translate or adjust as required
  • create organized database(s)
  • store/archive
  • present to you or your end users in a desired format (report, statistic or study)

    * (exceptions may apply)

Resources/Utilities Management

If you are managing any (measurable) resources / utilities / energy (such as water, oil, hydro), we can do most of the detailed work for you and tell you how every bit is used or distributed, how much it costs and other information you need to know.



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