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What is telemanagement ?

Webster says:
  tele -  communicating over a distance
  management -   the act of managing, controlling and directing
    So, to define telemanagement, we could say:
  Telemanagement is -
  management of telecom facilities and associated resources,
utilities, activities and costs.

Why is telemanagement needed?

Management is essential in business and personal life:
  If you don't manage your business
- it will end like this . . .
  If you don't manage your money
- you will lose it . . .
  If you don't manage yourself
- you will get in trouble . . .
  Here are some examples of telemanagement
  • recommend type and quantity of trunk lines and their configuration
  • monitor telephone trunk lines, functionality, efficiency and utilization
  • optimize network facilities and costs
  • swift detection of fautly equipment, errors and anomalies
  • provide protection against long distance / toll fraud hackers
  • guard against misuse / abuse
  • ensure accurate billing
  • enable allocation of costs and charge back
  • assistance to telecom and call centre managers
  • provide a wide range of important system and network traffic reports
  • prompt handing of emergency situations
  • surveillance and monitoring
  • staffing management
  • performance and productivity management
  • marketing research and statistics
  • understanding of callers' habits, needs and demographics

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